Amazon - Micromax Monitor MM195HHDM165 19.5 Inch With VGA + HDMI Port Worth Rs.6999
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Micromax Monitor MM195HHDM165 19.5 Inch With VGA + HDMI Port

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Product Details

Amazon Selling Micromax Monitor MM195HHDM165 19.5 Inch With VGA + HDMI Port At Offer Price Rs.3999 Worth Rs.6999

Product Details

Advanced Anti-Glare LED Monitors – Work Smart, Work Efficient

Micromax introduces its ergonomic range of anti-glare LED monitors, which allows you to work for a longer period without suffering from eye fatigue. What’s more – this coating is scratch resistant! So, enjoy the best viewing experience, with the first ever LED monitor range - presented by Micromax.

Designed for Better Viewing

Boasts of cutting-edge 3H anti-glare coating that reduces ambient light reflection and mirror-like reflections, to deliver a clear view of your display. The flicker-free screen gives you a better refresh rate and provides a seamless visual output. So, get ready to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience, with minimal stress to your eyes.

Impressive Resolution

Delight in better quality images and videos along with an incredible gaming experience, on our world-class HD and FHD monitors. With a contrast ratio of 500000:1 and response time of 5 milliseconds, you can revel in enhanced on-screen motion, with reduced motion blur.

Modern Sleek Design

Our LED screens come with a stylish wall mount feature, so you can choose to place it on the desk or mount it securely on the wall. Additionally, its in-built TN (Twisted Nematic) panel type provides the shortest response time - making it ideal for gaming.

More Entertainment Options

With our LED monitors, entertainment never comes to a standstill. The Micromax range comes with pre-set PC, movies, games and eco modes, for a superior quality viewing experience.

Full-Motion TV Mount

No need to purchase space-consuming TV stands anymore! The Micromax monitor comes equipped with a 'full-motion TV wall mount' that allows you to adjust the TV's viewing angle, anytime.