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Amazon Selling Tips You Must Know About Ms Word – eBook Kindle Edition at For Free Worth Rs.1940

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Tips You Must Know About Ms Word ? Microsoft Word plays an essential task in today’s digital world. No matter if you are a student or a professional or simply a teacher or name anyone, you are most probably using Microsoft Word in one way or the other. ? Microsoft Word is an essential tool for creating all types of documents like letters, memos, reports, term papers, typesetting novels, magazines, etc. It is a specialized aid for formatting the documents in different ways; does spelling and grammar check to produce standard and error-free documents. It has an in-built thesaurus for finding appropriate synonyms to replace repetitive words/phrases. ? Moreover, it provides a word count feature for a statistical report of the documents. Additionally, it has drawing and graphics editing tools to give a touch of graphics or images to go with the documents. Not only it has sounds and video handling tools to add multimedia features to a document, but numerous wizards and tools for creating and distributing merged faxes, form letters, labels, and envelopes are also there to give it an upper hand. ? With MS Word, one can even import files or objects from other programs and use them in their documents easily. The MS Word also provides facilities for exporting documents to other packages, e.g., Lotus Notes, WordPerfect. ? But you must be wondering how to use it in the best possible manner to reap the greatest profit in your business or for an aspiring business student or entrepreneur. Then this book is the right choice for you. The book has an extensive list of tips and tricks to help you out in learning the smartest way of using the word. The book covers all basic terms and terminologies in a detailed way. ? This book follows the Core as well as Elective Courses of prestigious institutions like Wharton and Harvard Business Schools. It will provide you with a self-motivated way of studying the MBA course, unescorted by lengthy cum costly traditional Courses, thus equipping you with the freedom of space and time. This book is a part of 'The Complete MBA Coursework Series'. ? Knowing how it works and how best possible it can be out to use is the most essential skill you may be employing yourself into. So read this book to learn great tricks about smarter use of Microsoft Word. The best part is that you get the flexibility to choose your time and space to learn the skills. So, it does not disturb your routine while you hone a new skill set.